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Tulip First Class

Tulip First Class Esenyurt, Istanbul Location Malls Airport Hospitals Marmara Mall     » 08 minutes Istanbul Airport » 40 minutes Özel Istanbul            » 01 minute Torium Mall                  » 08 minutes Sabiha Airport   » 70 minutes Doğa Hastanesı        » 03 minutes Akbati Mall          » 10 minutes     Mall of …

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Tulip Empire Istanbul

Tulip Empire İstanbul https://youtu.be/T1-1D30gLXE Esenyurt, Istanbul Project Overview Tulip Empire Istanbul is a new project that takes its place among the Esenyurt housing projects . There are 450 residences in the project, which was built by Mert Holding. The flats have different alternatives in the form of one room, one living room, two rooms and one living room, and the …

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