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Turkey is a nation of diverse cultural heritage, situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia


The mission of the European Schools is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for nursery, primary and secondary level pupils. The European School system consists of two years of early education (nursery cycle), five years of primary and seven years of secondary education.


Education is compulsory in every province and territory in Canada, up to the age of 18 for Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nunavut, and Ontario, and up to the age of 16 for other jurisdictions, or as soon as a high school diploma has been achieved.


Education in Tajikistan consists of four years of primary school followed by two stages of secondary school (lasting five and two years, respectively). Attendance at school is mandatory from age seven to seventeen.


The country maintains high access to primary and basic secondary education throughout many years. However, the net attendance is lower for upper secondary education (grades 10-11): 59 per cent for boys and 56 per cent for girls. About six per cent of school age children are out of school.
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