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About Turkey

Turkey is a nation of diverse cultural heritage, situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. It is home to beautiful architecture, stunning national parks and many points of interest. It’s the sights which draw many to Turkey – the tourism industry is one of the country’s biggest and plays an important role in Turkey’s economy. The capital city of Ankara, as well as the country’s employment and international relations hub Istanbul, are the focal points of Turkish business.

Jobs in Turkey

Turkey remains one of the world’s largest economies – ranked 17th worldwide by The World Bank in 2017. Its top global exports are vehicles and machinery, bringing in more than £23billion to the country in 2016 alone.

Road to Future

Turkey’s legal framework also offers extremely attractive opportunities to investors, An entrepreneur, whether local or foreign, can establish a company in one day in Turkey.

Life in Turkey

Expat life in Turkey has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the Bosporus, learning how Turkish people celebrate Kurban Bayramı, the Sacrifice Feast, up to tasting Turkey’s favorite dishes such as köfte.

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